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From Roman Catholic Priest (LaSalette Missionaries) to Connecticut Trial Lawyer (Feldman & Hickey, LLC); student of ancient religion and myth, philosopher, theologian, mysticism - contemplation - meditation, music & art, world cultures via the interpersonal, daily centered …  political & historical life - connectivity, syncretism, core essentials and finality.  These have been my lifelong passions.  Religion, law, the unknowing, rationalism, science, skepticism and doubts on all levels, and transcendence are some of the topics woven through what I ponder.  I will try to be always interesting and thought provoking.  I am now retired and free to work with others and follow my muse. I sometimes digress but it is all part of the greater tapestry connection. Please explore with me the inner life and our shared exploration.

To share


Story, narrative and the myths we share are the basis of mutual understanding and dialogue.  The language is rational, poetic, ballad, hymn and silence.  Join me.

The essays


My essays will be wide ranging.  Some political, philospohical, spiritual and sometimes funny.  Let me know if any one provokes your thoughts and further search ....